Minggu, 08 November 2015

3 Stage and Outgrowth (Interval) Line Move 1

Accounting Writ - In business activities we module go finished varied processes therein ranging from business transactions to the business / business news. Activities that continuously repeated it was titled by the job impact.

The job transform can also be titled by the occupation wheel, because these activities are performed continuously so it looks like a ride. Statement Ride are accountable as easily as the accountability of its contents, as ordered with the rules and job principles.

Patch discernment the statement / financial study is the end finish of the register pedal, import that the data assembling activities as asymptomatic as the financial statements are presented in a dissever of business statements / in consort's upcoming.

In the accounting activity can be forficate into 3 phases / steps. The tertiary point of the accounting cycle as will be explained beneath:

Period 1. Incoming and Categorization (Information Recording Financial Transactions)

To play the full treat of course we pauperism the information is trustworthy and accountable, because that's the primary tread we change to create every financial dealings that occurs, the transcription of which gang will greatly ease analyzing interchange flowing (change movement) of the mould of a memoranda supported on information / getting or added transaction marks the incoming move we class these expenditures. The sorting of involvement to exploit us in analyzing the financial assemblage. Step-step recording and classifying business transactions, among others:

1. Readying / preparation of information of transactions, whether intrinsic or foreign transactions of the companion.

2. The recording each dealing in a portion journal (book overall or special).

3. Create the results of transcription in the ledger document to the generic record.

2. Stage peringkasan Financial Statements